After 15 years in business and over 500 blog posts, we thought you might be interested to learn which posts have gained the most traction and clicks over the years. Here you go:

  1. What You Should Know About Buying A Condo
  2. What Are The Best Nashville Neighborhoods?
  3. 5 Things To Consider When Buying A Short Term Rental Investment Property In Nashville
  4. Buying A Condo Near Vandy or Belmont
  5. Nashville Commute Times By Neighborhood
  6. First Time Home Buyers And Fixer-Uppers
  7. The Trouble With Condo Financing (some info here is out-dated)
  8. Did That Nashville House Flood?
  9. How Much Are Closing Costs When Selling A Home?
  10. A Guide To Making A Great Offer
  11. Why Is Everyone Moving To Nashville?
  12. What Is A Zero-Lot Line Property?
  13. Fair Housing And Your Realtor
  14. East Nashville Neighborhood Map
  15. Making An Offer With An Escalation Clause

It’s fun to watch the rankings in the dashboard over the years. Though the site has been around for longer, nothing earlier than 2011 makes the cut. 


It isn’t a blog post, but our free downloadable homebuyer guides are the fourth most visited page on our website. Likewise, our Nashville Zip Code Map page is ranked on the very first page of Google!

If you know someone thinking of buying or selling, please send them to our site. And thank you for your patronage, friendship, and readership over the years. We appreciate you!