Real estate can be hard, but we are uniquely prepared

to help you get it right — here’s how…

Let’s Chat

Let’s start with a brief call (or Zoom or coffee meet-up) to discuss your specific situation and how we might be able to help. If we aren’t the right fit, we will connect you with someone who is.


Form A Plan

From there we will create a plan specific to your wants, needs, budget, and ideal timeline. Plus we’ll connect you to fantastic vendors who can help us execute towards your goal.  

Make Your Move

We put your plan into action by showing you the right homes and helping to negotiate the right price. All in an information-rich, transparent way.

Adept • Inclusive • Chill • ♿️🖤🌈☮️

Getting Started

Whether you are buying your first house or your fifteenth, our aim is to deliver honest and helpful service. We need to fully understand what is most important to you. Before heading out on the town we should discuss:


  • Your familiarity with Nashville neighborhoods
  • Your specific areas of interest and why they are important
  • The home buying process
  • Strategies for successful negotiation
  • Current market conditions
  • Tips and tools to make your offer stand out
  • How to mitigate any inevitable bumps that may arise
  • How we work, and how real estate professionals are compensated

The Particulars Of Our Team Structure

In 2014 Stephanie was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  As her disease progressed, she began encountering mobility challenges that made some aspects of selling homes a bit more challenging. These days, she works from our home office where she manages contracts, negotiations, and marketing while James can be found out in the field opening doors for buyers, attending inspections, and meeting with clients.

This arrangement has proven to be ideal. Our buyers enjoy the convenience and benefit of having two fully-licensed professionals on their side without enduring the hassles of a large team structure with unlicensed assistants and admins filing in the gaps.

Our Business Philosophies Include

  • Treating colleagues as colleagues, not as competition
  • Offering honest opinions and helping to set realistic expectations
  • Committing to serve clients who trust that our motives earnest
  • Changing your mind about the stereotypes of real estate agents
  • Staying in our lane. We won’t pretend to be something we aren’t. If you are better served by a colleague, we will offer you a professional referral. 

Since 2003 we’ve had the pleasure to assist over 400 Nashville area home buyers and sellers. Over the years we’ve worked at large national franchises as well as local firms. Now we are an independent duo. We aren’t growing or hiring. We’ve never aspired to have our faces on billboards or to oversee a throng of underlings. We want to personally guide you through every aspect of your move. We will never pass you over to a junior/new agent or an unlicensed assistant. You will always work directly with us.

Our aim is to maintain a small and intimate clientele. As such, we never work with more than a handful of clients at a time. This boutique philosophy ensures that our clients receive the personal attention they deserve and it provides us work we can be proud of. 

We encourage you to click the questionnaire link below if you think we might be a good fit.