The Downtown Loop

You might want to live in the loop if you love a downtown lifestyle. The Loop refers to the circle created by merging I-24, I-40, and I-65. In addition to the downtown core, you’ll find varied and distinct neighborhoods, including the Gulch, SoBro, Germantown, Salemtown, Buena Vista, Hope Gardens, Capitol View, Rutledge Hill, Pie Town, and Rolling Mill Hill.

Few living options currently exist on the east side of the Cumberland River portion of the loop. But that will change shortly with new developments surrounding the East Bank, and at River North with the pedestrian bridge that will soon take shape from the Neuhoff District to the Oracle Tech campus. (read more)

Also, the downtown loop shouldn’t be confused with the “440 Loop,” a 7-mile southern highway bypass connecting I-40 to I-24 and I-65. Neighborhoods inside the 440 loop include Midtown, Music, Row, Edgehill, Wedgewood Houston (WeHo), Hillsboro-Belmont, Hillsboro West End, West End Circle, 12 South, Melrose, Woodland In Waverly, Love Circle, Watkins, Hadley, and Fang. Additionally, there is housing associated with Vanderbilt, Belmont, Trevecca, and Fisk Universities.