Client Testimonials

Kristyn bought and sold in East Nashville
“This was my second purchase through Stephanie…With each transaction, she went above and beyond to meet our needs. With the purchase of my condo and now house, she expertly handled the details of the transactions especially when we faced certain obstacles. A particular problem presented itself in the condo just prior closing where Stephanie shouldered the responsibility physically and financially to remediate the issue. This allowed me to close prior to my locked rate expiring. Congruently, the current purchase of my fiance’s and my home had several hurdles to overcome. Buying a home is stressful enough… on top of that we were out of town towards the end of the process. Again, Stephanie made herself readily available to handle key appointments– the re-inspection and contractor updates– all while starting the process of selling my condo. I look forward to working with her again and would highly recommend her to anyone buying in the greater Nashville area.”

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Marie in East Nashville

“Stephanie was a pleasure to work with as our buyer-side agent.

She is a true listener, and used this skill to effectively zero in on the exact houses that fit our requirements and preferences. She also has an impressive work ethic, making herself available at important moments in the process far quicker than anyone should expect. Further, she is a font of knowledge in the Nashville market, clearly explaining the applicable regulations to us first-time buyers, and has a deep knowledge of local trends. We were impressed by the strong relationships she has with other agents, which enabled us to view otherwise inaccessible houses that were not yet officially on the market. Lastly, Stephanie always kept our best interests in mind, never pressuring us into buying a house we weren’t crazy about, or pointing out serious flaws we would have otherwise overlooked.
I gladly recommend her to any potential buyer.”
Mary bought a home in Brentwood
“I’ve bought a few houses in my life and Stephanie was by a long shot the best realtor that I have ever used. I was an out of town buyer. She worked with me with my very limited schedule, found the wonderful house that I ended up buying for a very good price, and always gave 110%. I cannot say enough great things about her! She’s totally teched out, with her smart phone and Ipad searching for different info at the same time while we are looking at houses. You won’t find a better and harder working realtor for Nashville! I would ABOLUTELY use her again and would recommend her HIGHLY!!!”

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Kyle bought and sold in The Nations

“Stephanie not only helped me buy my home in a neighborhood of downtown Nashville, but she kept in touch thereafter. Knowing that I had recently moved – she contacted me and let me know that my area of Nashville had experienced incredible growth and that the demand for homes far outweighed the supply. She kindly mentioned that if I was ready to sell, that she would be ready to move on it immediately. She gave me a ball park number for a selling price and then we came in at almost $10,000 above her initial estimate. She has a great relationship with all of the right people in Nashville, which led to me receiving 10 offers within 3 days of the property being listed.

I honestly could not be happier with Stephanie and her services. She is professional, knowledgeable, honest, prompt, and helpful. If I ever move back to the Nashville are, I will – without a doubt – call Stephanie again!”
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Erica bought a home in East Nashville

“Best. Agent. Ever.

Stephanie just got me my first home…
So impressed with her.  Incredible knowledge of the ins and outs of Nashville’s real estate market.  So thankful I chose Nesting in Nashville because now I’m living in my dream home.
Thank you Stephanie!”
Holly bought a flat in East Nashville
“We were so happy to have found Stephanie amidst all the other Nashville agents to help us with the purchase of a second, “urban” home for us. Not knowing Nashville at all, we relied on Stephanie’s expertise, and she did not disappoint. From the very first conversation, she was dialed in on what we were looking for. She gave us accurate market information and put up with our sometimes annoying questions. I am a realtor at Russ Lyon Sotheby’s in Scottsdale, AZ and I know a good agent when I see one. Stephanie is the real deal – knowledge, customer service and good communication.”

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Mary bought a condo downtown
“My husband and I are extremely pleased with Stephanie. She was knowledgeable about the Nashville market which was a tremendous comfort as a buyer from out of town. We really appreciate her help in navigating the lengthy process and the myriad of paperwork. She worked hard in every aspect. Thank you Stephanie Crawford for having the patience of an angel and the perseverance of a warrior.”

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The Worthington's sold an estate home in Glencliff
“Efficient, fast and knowledgeable in the realm of real estate sales. Got home evaluated and valued quickly and was able to get it sold before even reaching the MLS full listing boards.”

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Buyer in Oak Hill
“We worked with the team to buy our first home after moving from CA to TN. Everything was excellent from start to finish – they were extremely responsive and helped us find the perfect home! We will certainly be recommending them to friends.”

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Karen bought a home in Inglewood

“I’d happily recommend Stephanie to anyone. I found her on a google search trying to understand what was for sale in the area. I was totally new to the Nashville area and I liked her website for its breakdowns and explanations of neighborhoods. I also wanted/needed someone with a technology edge to their business which she has. Its good when your real estate agent knows what an e-signature is.

Stephanie showed me exactly the kind of neighborhood I wanted to live in. But what really mattered to me is once we made the offer…. Stephanie did a fantastic job negotiating for me. Then she followed up with being 100% available, on-time and on-schedule to move me through all the inspections and final mortgage approval checkpoints. Any questions I had were responded to immediately. Stephanie knew who to call, when to get them out to the house, and gave me quick followup.
The mortgage, insurance and title people she recommended to use are also top notch and with their help I closed in 30 days, which is not easy to do with all the new paperwork that must be completed.”
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Estate property sold in Donelson
“We chose Stephanie over other choices because she came to our house and explained and showed us everything she would be doing to help us sell the house. Once she got started, we had offers and discussion almost immediately. Working the process we knew would not be an overnight experience, but Stephanie made it in just over a month and we had closed. She kept us apprised along the way and offered super advice. She was fantastic to work with and should be considered by anyone ready to SELL A HOUSE !”

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Rhonda bought in Hermitage
“Great office team, everyone in their network was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and stayed on top of all the details from searching for a home to the final closing. If you want a smooth experience this is the direction you will want to take in the Nashville area.”

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The Robinson's sold in Old Hickory

“My husband had selected Stephanie after she responded to one of those “what’s my home worth?” questions on a website. She didn’t just say here’s the amount and now you have to use me as your realtor. She responded with details on the market and how she would be able to help us through the selling process. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to work with her for very long because the house was in contract four days after being listed. Stephanie kept us posted through the closing process, immediately resolved any issues and answered questions promptly.

Since we moved out of state a couple weeks before closing, Stephanie went out of her way to drive by the house a few times. I really wish we would have had the opportunity to buy with Stephanie, as I know that she would have met those needs just as well.”
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First Time Buyers in Hermitage
“My husband and I recently bought our first house and were very fortunate to work with Stephanie & Molly. Their knowledge of the greater Nashville area is extensive and she worked with us on multiple occasions to make sure that we could see all the houses we were interested in and had a strong sense of the various neighborhoods and areas around town. Stephanie was understanding of our lack of knowledge – particularly about the process of making offers and the actual purchase – and continues to be a resource for us even now as new homeowners. She is professional and personable and we will absolutely be recommending Stephanie to anyone interested in real estate in Nashville.”
The Britts bought a downtown condo
“We had a wonderful experience with Stephanie, she made our dreams come true in the purchase of a condo downtown. We will recommend Stephanie to any of our friends looking for a home.”

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Nate sold a condo downtown

“Okay, I confess, I had to come out of my Yelp review retirement to write this review for Stephanie. How good is Stephanie? She was so good, helpful, and made my condo sale so easy that made me want to write a review since 2009. 

I moved to back to LA in 2010 from Nashville, but because the move was so unexpected I didn’t have the chance to sell it before I left. After a year of vacant property I found Stephanie via Yelp?… and decided to give her a call. I believe Stephanie was the third agent that I spoke to, all others seemed disinterested per I lived out of state, but Stephanie, from the moment that we spoke I felt her genuine and sincere interest in helping me selling my place. At this time I was considering a short sale, but haven’t started on the process. Stephanie provided insight on various short sale and foreclosures that she dealt with and its outcomes.YelpLogo
To be honest, I had no idea what I was in for and how long I’d be in for. Stephanie was very honest with me and set realistic expectations of how long the short sale would take. In addition, she even devised pricing strategy that was practical and which showed our level of effort that can be seen by the bank.
Because I was in LA, I’m sure Stephanie made an extra effort to coordinate our time differences and kept me in the loop with all process. The short sale process took about 5 months, but because of Stephanie, it seemed a lot quicker and as if we were neighbors.
Mind you that I’ve never met Stephanie during this process, but I’d definitely recommend her to anyone looking to sell or buy in Nashville. I’ve owned several properties before I must say that Stephanie is the most professional and easiest real estate agent that I have ever dealt/worked with.
Stephanie, thank you so much for all your help as you’ve been a pleasure to work with! =]”