West Nashville

The West Nashville ZIP code 37205  covers several neighborhoods with unique character and appeal. While specific neighborhood boundaries can sometimes overlap or vary depending on sources, here’s a general list of neighborhoods located within or partially within the 37205 ZIP code:

Belle Meade: An affluent residential area known for its large, historic homes and the Belle Meade Plantation.

West Meade: A neighborhood with a mix of older ranch-style homes and newer constructions, offering a suburban feel.

Hillwood: Features spacious lots and mid-century homes, known for its serene setting and strong community.

Whitland: Home to the Whitland Avenue Historic District, this area offers charming streets lined with mature trees and historic homes.

Richland-West End: Known for its early 20th-century homes and active neighborhood association, it’s a historic area with a strong sense of community.

Sylvan Park: While primarily associated with the 37209 ZIP code, parts of Sylvan Park or adjacent areas may extend into 37205, known for its walkable streets and local businesses.

Green Hills: Although primarily in 37215, some areas on the edge of Green Hills may fall into 37205. It’s known for its shopping centers, restaurants, and a mix of traditional and modern homes.

Each neighborhood offers a distinct living experience, from the luxurious and historic to the serene suburban. They are sought after for their proximity to downtown Nashville, parks, and various amenities, making them popular among homebuyers looking for a residence in Nashville.


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