With three major interstates and nearly a dozen 5-lane spokes, getting around Nashville can be a bit confusing. Because we are are laid out in a loop, rather than a grid, predicting commute times can be a challenge. “As the crow flies” and “as the car drives” are not at all the same thing. The good people at Trulia published a few heat maps that can help enlighten your vision of the typical Nashville commute (to downtown).

The 20 Minute Nashville Commute

Of note: Guarded by the Cumberland River, many part of East Nashville are farther away than you think.

30 Minute Commute in Nashville
The 30 Minute Nashville Commute

Of note: Hermitage, Bellevue and Hendersonville may be closer than you think.

20 Minute Nashville Commute Map
The 40 Minute Nashville Commute

Of note: You can get really far out of town IF you live near the interstate.

40 Minute Commute in Nashville