We all want to help others stay healthy. We want to ensure our hospitals don’t become more overcrowded than they already are. We certainly want to make sure infection rates stay as low as possible until we all get vaccinated. That said, staying home is getting really boring!


I was just complaining to Steph about this yesterday, so I started thinking about all the different things you can do in Nashville while maintaining a healthy distance from others. Obviously, as the warmer weather gets here this spring, some of the best options for socially distanced fun are outside! Here are some ideas I’ve come up with.

  1. Patio drinks. If you know me, you know I love a beer. And a scotch. And maybe a couple more, just to make sure they still taste good. Drinking indoors, unless done at home with family, is probably not the smartest way to keep down infection rates. Thankfully, many restaurants in town have outdoor seating, and some that didn’t used to have added it during the pandemic. It would take a long time to list all the best spots for outdoor drinks in Nashville, but one of my favorites here in Donelson is TennFold Brewery. Their beers are some of the very best in the city, and they have cocktails for those who prefer them. The food options look like standard pub fare at first glance, but wait until you taste it. Their pizza is perfect for pepperoni lovers as well as those with more refined tastes, and the white bean hummus will almost make you forget about your beer. Almost. Picnic tables are set a good distance apart from each other, and the patio has overhead heating for cooler days.
  2. Pomelo Grove at Bloomsbury Farm. The perfect camping getaway for those who don’t like to fuss with a tent or sleep on the ground, Pomelo Grove offers a boutique glamping experience with high end camper rentals. You can make reservations now and beat the rush, as they open on March 3rd. It’s like patio drinks, except you bring the drinks and you don’t have to Uber home.
  3. Nashville Area Parks. Have you put on the pandemic 15 and want to work your way into a summer bod in anticipation of herd immunity? Hiking is your friend, and Nashville has you covered. Join the crowd marching around Radnor Lake (take the trail around the hilltop for a little more privacy and a little more exercise), explore the relative privacy of Beaman Park, or check out the highly-rated day loop trail at Long Hunter State Park.
  4. Cheekwood Estates and Gardens. This magnificent 55 acre estate features 12 distinct gardens, a mile-long woodland trail past modern and contemporary outdoor sculpture, and museum. This 1930s-era estate is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and can provide an afternoon of diversion for the whole family. Mask the kids up and let them check out the Bracken Foundation’s Children’s Garden and the Frist Learning Center.
  5. Lucky Ladd Farms. If Cheekwood sounds a little pedestrian for your group, you should definitely check out Lucky Ladd Farms. More than just a petting zoo, this interactive experience is different on every trip. Check out upcoming events like the Easter Bunny Breakfast, Spring Fest, and Easter Egg Hunt on April 2nd and 3rd, or mom and dad may prefer the Bunny and Brew Egg Hunt (age 21+, bring a designated driver) on April 10th. Tickets for Bunny and Brew are for sale in advance only, so get yours here
  6. The Adventure Park at Nashville. Treetop zip lines, cable bridges, axe throwing, pretty much everything you could look for in a first date. These are self-guided experiences unless you hire a guide, and you will have to sign a waiver to participate. Obviously, you do this one before the patio drinks. Opening March 5th
  7. Berry Picking. Seasonal berries are upon us, and the Nashville area has loads of destinations to stock up on pie and preserve fodder. Woodall Farms in Springfield TN is available for socially-distanced strawberry picking, and in Tennessee they are usually best in May. Blueberries will be in season from June – August. Kelley’s Berry Farm on the Cumberland River in Trousdale County has seasonal picking of blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries, and peaches. Be sure to check here for pick-your-own availability, or you can skip the work and buy some from them instead.


This is hardly an exhaustive list of safe activities for our area, but hopefully this will get you started. If you have other ideas, leave them for me in the comments! As always, we’re also available for socially-distanced showings through the week.


If you’d like to make an appointment to see a property, give me a call or text at 615-482-5244. Stay healthy and we hope to see you soon!

James Crawford

James Crawford


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