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Today I’m bringing you the latest update in our real estate market. I’ll go over what’s happening in Davidson County and give you the scoop on the Donelson and Hermitage areas.
The typical home in Davidson County costs $294,000 right now, up 11% from last year. A 10% or 11% year-over-year increase has been typical of Nashville, so no change there.Two really popular areas for first-time buyers are Donelson and Hermitage, both of which are off of the I-40 East Corridor on the east side of town just past the airport.

Donelson is the area that I grew up in and consists of pretty much anything in the 37214 ZIP code. The typical home in Donelson costs about $120 per square foot, and the average price last month was $183,000.

Donelson and Hermitage are two increasingly popular areas for first-time homebuyers.

Hermitage is the next area past Donelson which consists primarily of anything in ZIP code 37076. The average price for homes in this area is a little bit higher, but so is the square footage.

Donelson consists mostly of ranch-style homes built during the 50s and 60s that sit on large lots. These homes are becoming increasingly popular with first-time homebuyers that have been priced out of east Nashville across the river.

In Hermitage, you get a little bit more house for your money, and the homes are typically a little newer on smaller lots. Hermitage offers anything from condos to ranch-style to new construction homes. There are even lakefront properties.

If you or anyone you know is interested in purchasing a home in these great areas or you have any other real estate questions, give us a call or send us an email. We’re always happy to help!