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Steph was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2014, so when we decided to make a move a few years ago, we knew we had to be forward-thinking in the features we needed in our next home. We were in the position to renovate a home and we knew we needed a few things – the master bedroom on the main level, a master bath with a roll-in shower, and open spaces with wide doorways were the main items on our list. We hired a contractor, our dreams became reality, and we are happy with our current living arrangement.

But we realize that laying out the cash to renovate a property isn’t a perfect scenario for everyone. Luckily, our local multiple listing service, Realtracs, has just made the task of locating and marketing a home with Accessibility features much easier for us all.

As listing agents, we can now advertise the following features directly in MLS:

  • Accessible approach with ramp
  • Accessible doors
  • Accessible elevator
  • Accessible entrance
  • Accessible hallways
  • Accessible wheelchair lift
  • Smart technology
  • Stairlift

As your buyer agents, we can now set up searches and email listing alerts that look for these specifications. The search feature on our website even allows this in a limited way. 

If you are a home buyer or seller with Accessible needs, we might be the right team for you. Contact us today.