Thanks for reaching out. You’ve found this page because you asked about your home value, and then were curious enough to scan the code from our card, so we can assume you’re moderately serious about wanting to sell, or at least wanting to know if it’s in your best interest to sell now.

To be honest, sometimes it’s not the best time. It depends on how long you’ve held the property, how much equity you have, what condition the place is in, and a number of other factors. At this point, our first step should be a conversation. We don’t just buy and sell houses, we like to help our clients make sound decisions that put them in the best financial position for their family’s future. We’ve directed almost 500 home transactions from contract to close at this point, so we’re pretty familiar with the intricacies of the Nashville market. Let our experience work for you, even if it’s just with some advice.

Why don’t you give us a call or text at 615-554-3745 (Steph) or 615-482-5244 (James), or email us both at [email protected]? We can talk over where you are in the process and what your best next moves might be.