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Changing Nashville Demographics

There is no doubt that urban renewal and gentrification are changing the face of Nashville demographics. As Realtors who abide by a strict Code of Ethics, we are not allowed to comment many things. Fair Housing Laws prevent us from steering people away from or toward... read more

Conforming Loan Limits to Increase in Nashville in 2015

For years the most you could finance conventionally in Nashville (without having to use a Jumbo loan product) was $417,000. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are both raising their limits for the mid-state area to $425,000 starting in 2015.  This will include Davidson County... read more

Think Your Home Owner Insurance Has You Covered?

In Nashville, we aren’t likely to be hit by an earthquake, but you never know… we ARE near a fault line. Sink holes, tornados, and floods are far more common in this area. But Homeowner’s Insurance isn’t always the solution. Zillow recently... read more

East Nashville Neighborhood Map

Neighborhood boundaries in Nashville aren’t very well-defined. In some areas like Donelson or Hermitage, a zip code may define your hood, but on the east side it can come all the way down to the street level. I created this map in Google so it certainly isn’t perfect. As a Realtor who specializes in our urban neighborhoods, I think it comes pretty close. Let me know if you see it differently.

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