When you purchase a home it’s important that you decide on a homeowner’s insurance vendor well in advance of closing. It will be a required chore if obtaining lender financing, but you should also secure a policy if paying all-cash.

You will often find the best rates with an outfit that you already have a relationship with. Perhaps the folks that cover your vehicle.

Our personal properties are covered by Doug Bradberry at Farm Bureau. They’re old school, I inherited the relationship from my parents, and I think they even covered both sets of my grandparents.

A local company that I recommend is Montgomery & Associates, which often underwrites through Progressive.

Do I Need Insurance When Purchasing A Condo/Townhome?

Yes. You will likely still want to obtain what’s called an H06 policy. It’s similar to renter’s insurance.

In our area, basic structure insurance is generally provided. This usually means that, in the event of a disaster, the complex or units will be rebuilt to the basic finish level. Adding an H06 policy can bump up your coverage for personal belongings, upgrades, and offer liability coverage, usually for just a few hundred dollars a year.