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Did That Nashville House Flood?

I get this question a lot. There are areas of town like Bellevue and Pennington Bend that were affected more than most, but proximity to the Cumberland or Harpeth rivers aren’t the only factors to keep in mind when researching the flood history of a home in Nashville. If a home has low elevation or a nearby stream, creek, or run-off ditch, it is important that you look into the history of the home.

If you are getting a loan, it’s a standard practice for the lender to require a Flood Certification letter as part of the underwriting process, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t follow through with your own due diligence.

I think the best resource is the Emergency Response Viewer at Nashville.gov. I like this map because it gives you the option to select several options including floodplain outline, damaged parcels, and the ability to search by address.

I personally have a home under contract right now and here is an image I captured from the site that highlights the home on Foxwood Lane.  The house isn’t that far from the river and there are several creeks in the area. There is a house down the street with low elevation that was affected (the green colored parcel) but thankfully none of my immediate future neighbors sustained any damage.

Here are a few other resources that might be helpful of you are considering purchasing a home in Nashville.