If you haven’t had a home improvement project that involved digging yet, it’s probably coming soon. Planting trees or hedges, installing a pond, fence, mailbox, or deck? Pouring concrete for steps or a sidewalk? All of these require at least some minimal digging, and the only way to be safe and comply with state law is to contact Tennessee 811.

Tennessee 811 is Tennessee’s statewide one-call notification system, developed in order to provide excavators and the public information on underground utility locations. Tennessee’s code 65-31-101 (Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act) requires anyone who engages in, or is responsible for, the planning or performance of any type of excavation to provide advance notice of at least three full business days to Tennessee 811. You can just dial 811, or go online to tenn811.com.

With construction activity still quite heavy in Nashville, the phone number gets busy, so you can expect a wait. After five minutes on hold, they will take your number and call back, but if you’d rather, it’s probably easier to fill out an e-ticket online. The website has some good information available, including instructional videos, so it’s well worth a visit for any DIY landscapers out there.

After you contact Tennessee 811, local crews from member utility companies are informed where you want to dig, and they mark the location of underground utilities so you can avoid them. Most locate crews will arrive to mark your property within a few days.

Curious about the location of your own Nashville property lines? Only a licensed surveyor can tell you for sure, but we’d be happy to send you a copy of the city’s estimated property boundaries. Just comment below or shoot us an email.