Product Recommendations

As a person with mobility challenges, I do almost all of my shopping online.
My friends and colleagues have long known to ask me about the best in makeup and skincare, and I thought some of you might be interested, too. Please let me know if you pick up something and love it (or hate it). And if you have a holy grail product you think I should try, I’d love to hear about it. Happy shopping!

Peace ☮️, Love ❤️, Makeup💄 and Real Estate🏡!


Body Care

Zimba Teeth Whitening Strips -new for me but so far they don't bother my sensitive teeth
Lumify Whitening Eye Drops -look better in photos... truly
Kinesys Spray SPF Oil for Face or Body -dries to no shine after a minute and works under makeup
Billie Razors -way better than Gillette
CPS Impression Fragrance Rollerball Oils -this company make legit dupe prefume scents

For The Medicine Cabinet

Magnesium Oxide Capsules -take daily to bring extra water into the gut

For The Home

Mandy's Artificial Tulips -they look and feel SO real
Candlecopia Wax Melts-nag champa scent
Odor Eliminating Candle -the baby powder ccent has tremendous throw
XL Zip Bags -for moving, storage or donations

For The Office

Cleaning Products

Laundry Detergent Sheets -no plastic waste
Whoosh Screen and Glasses Cleaning Fluid -Apple uses this in their stores for a reason


ZENB Pasta made from Pea Protein Tastes just like pasta. Still has carbs, but no gluten and extra protein and extra fiber.

Disability & Accessibility 

Sharper Image Power Massager You won't believe how powerful this is. It works tremendously for my leg spasticity.