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Researching Nashville Public Schools

Researching Nashville Public SchoolsNashville is known for many things, but quality of public education isn’t really one of them. However, I believe that it‚Äôs time for the stereotype to change. Metro has an unbelievable amount of choice when it comes to schools. From Montessori to Paideia, Spanish immersion to Charter, there are many, many options.

When researching Davidson County schools, I encourage you to go to the PTO websites or Facebook pages for each potential school and to reach out to actual parents. Many of the school ratings sites you see online base judgment on test scores only which (in my opinion) is NOT an accurate way to judge a school. This is especially the case with some of the more urban schools or schools that still utilize bussing where you may have many students who speak English as a second language.

When TCAP scores are used to judge academic success, it can be extremely misleading when you consider that a child who doesn’t speak English well is tested alongside children who are academically gifted. It‚Äôs important to note that more than 100 languages are spoken in Metro schools at any given time- it‚Äôs quite diverse. Diversity can offer challenges, but it also vastly enriches a student’s world view.

Look at the top ranking elementary school in the “Nashville‚ÄĚ area. It‚Äôs a Williamson County school per the k12 site.
Kenrose Elementary – Students score 87% proficient in Math and Reading. They have only 2.6% of their enrollment on free/reduced lunch and the population enrollment is 76% white, 17% Asian, 3% black.

Compare to a high performing but suburban Metro school – Harpeth Valley Elementary in Bellevue; 79% proficiency, with 18.3% on free/reduced lunch. The population there is 80% white, 10% African American, 7% Asian.

Lastly, Eakin Elementary which is an popular and quite desirable school in Hillsboro Village near Vandy Рbut with only 62% proficiency. 38.6% of the kids there are on free/reduced lunch Р46% white, 31% African American, 14% Asian, 6% Hispanic.

There are other schools in Metro with numbers as high as 80% free/reduced lunch. My point being: poverty and language barriers influence¬†performance on testing. I certainly encourage clients who are looking for walkability or urban livability in Nashville to look beyond the web for answers. The truth is – you can have a great school with wonderful teachers that simply doesn’t look as good on paper.

Take your time researching. Call the schools and ask for a tour. This isn’t something any Realtor, no matter how dedicated, can do for you. Not only that, the Realtor Code of Ethics prevents us from speaking opinions which might be considered discriminatory.

Keeping those factors in mind, here are a few websites where you can use in your research.

http://zonefinder.mnps.org/zonefinder/getzonedschools.aspx (Metro Zone Finder)

If you are researching Nashville schools, you should consider attending the metro First Choice Festival which generally happens in early September of each year.

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