What’s the difference between a zero lot line home, a duplex, and an HPR (horizontal property regime)?

I’m glad you asked. In Nashville the practice of deeding a property can be a bit confusing. In this video, I try to explain the differences which can vary significantly depending on when the home was constructed.

Don’t confuse deeding with zoning. Zoning deals with allowable usage (i.e., commercial, single family, muti-family, office overlay, etc.). Deeding isn’t about the usage, it’s about who holds title to each portion of the land, and whether a homeowner’s association is involved.

As for HOAs, generally speaking,¬†duplexes and zero-lot lines homes typically don’t have rules and bylaws. Condos, townhomes, and PUDs (planned unit developments) generally do have rules. HPRs might have rules.

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