“Proptech (the Silicon Valley term for real estate technology) is constantly evolving and we stay on the cutting edge.”

We’ve been displaying homes listings via a direct MLS connection for over a decade. It’s just one of the reasons that is trusted by both home buyers and Google search results alike. We spend a lot of time and energy to ensure that we have accurate, timely data. 

We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with a second technology vendor to facilitate another kind of home search experience. RealScout offers a secure portal platform that some of our buyers are preferring.

A few reasons to consider checking out our new portal:

  1. It’s a safe, personal portal search with NO ADS and no risk of your data being sold to a secondhand party.
  2. Our portal offers a COLLABORATIVE environment where you can invite a partner to search with you.
  3. RAPID LISTING ALERTS. Get notified via email just moments after matching homes hit the market. Opt for instant alerts, daily alerts, weekly alerts, or no alerts at all.
  4. Communicate directly with us. Ask a question or book a showing all in one spot.
  5. Built-in MACHINE LEARNING capabilities can help you cut through the noise to find homes that are right for you.
  6. Offering a separate and secure integrated mobile app.

You can start your own search right on the portal (just be sure to log-in to enjoy all of the features). 

Or we would be happy to set up a search for you – just fill out this form

P.S. If you are a property owner we recommend setting up weekly notifications to learn about the sales happening in your neighborhood.