That’s for the last 12 months according to the Keeping Current Matters blog. It’s not great news, but it sure could be a lot worse. I’m impressed with the 12 states that show year-over-year GAINS. I think that Tennessee with be in the grey next year. The bottom has officially passed us by.

According to KCM data from CoreLogic

Another lovely infographic from KCM is this one that shows the percentage of homes in foreclosure
by state. We’re below the national average at 2% – but don’t be fooled. Memphis is pulling Nashville down on a statewide comparison. It remains to be seen how much “shadow inventory” is out there (inventory now owned by the bank, but not yet on the market). But my feeling is that foreclosures won’t be nearly as prevalent on the market in 2013.

Tennessee is below the national average at 2% foreclosures in process.