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The Villages of Donelson Hills

The Villages of Donelson Hills

There isn’t any official news yet, but it looks like developers have their eye on the old Cumberland Yacht Harbor site with intentions to build 126 dwelling units and 18,000 square feet of commercial space to be called The Villages of Donelson Hills. I live about a second from this location so this is pretty exciting news for me. With the new Publix under construction just around the corner, perhaps my hometown of 37214 is setting the stage for the urban revitalization it deserves. Donelson has long been a sleepy, blue collar haven, but it offers a ton on fabulous amenities that include:

  • affordable and solidly built mid-century all-brick homes
  • proximity to BNA airport
  • proximity to I-40 and Briley Parkway
  • shopping at Opry Mills
  • 5 miles to Downtown Nashville
  • access to the Nashville Greenway
  • J Percy Priest Lake, Resevior and Nashville Shores
  • Music City Star commuter rail stop

The pending zoning meeting is being held at the request Dale & Associates, applicant, for Thomas W. Beasley and Brett Alan Wesnofske, owners.

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The Newest Home Listings in Donelson

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