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Home sales  in Davidson County were down 3% for the month of October with 1,460 sales recorded compared to 1,503 recorded in October of last year. Here are a few points of interest:
  • Average sales prices¬†were¬†up¬†15%¬†to $298,707 from $260,317 last October.
  • Year-to-date home sales are up 1% and average sales prices are up 9% from the same period last year.
  • Antioch (37013)¬†had the most home sales for the month with¬†179 recorded averaging $184,936.
  • Oak Hill¬†(37220) had the highest average sales price¬†of $649,921¬†across¬†9 sales.
  • There were 338 condo sales recorded for the month averaging $428,062.
  • Home sales over $1 million were¬†up 44% from last¬†October with¬†33 recorded for the month compared to¬†23 recorded last year.


October 2016 real estate sales in Davidson County

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